Photo Attorney

Mar 31, 2005

Preventative Law

We might do things a little differently if we could do them again. We sometimes say, "I shoulda; I coulda." It's tough to anticipate what we should do at times to prevent misfortunes.

But I'm going to do some fortune telling now. If you put your images on the web or give copies to others, at least one image will be used in a way that you have not authorized. Bet on it. Your copyright will be infringed.

When that happens, you may be surprised and angry. But will you have at your disposal the ability to do something about it?

You will IF you register your images with the US Copyright Office. The ONLY way that you can sue an infringer is if you have registered. And if you register your copyright BEFORE the infringement occurs, you have many more rights and remedies against the infringer.

So don't delay. Practice "preventative law." Don't wait until it's too late to fully protect your copyrights. Register your images NOW.

Take my advice; get professional help.