Photo Attorney

Mar 15, 2006

Is Your Photography A Business? What Kind?

Some photographers are satisfied to keep their photography a hobby. Others may operate it as a side business to get some money out of it. A few turn their photography business into full-time careers.

When you run a full or part time photography business, you must select what kind of business it's going to be. By default, it's either a sole proprietorship or a partnership. But that may not be the best choice for you. There are several other types of legal entities to choose from, with financial and operational pros and cons for each of them. Evaluate them carefully and seek advice from an attorney and accountant before deciding on a business structure. You can later change your form of business, but that can be difficult and may require extensive documentation.

I've prepared for my upcoming book, "Photographer's Legal Guide," a chart that lists many of those pros and cons (such as administrative hassle, legal protection, ease of set up). I'll send it for free to any one who requests it via email to me at carolyn(at) (change the (at) to @ to send the email - I'm trying to avoid spam). Please include your name and snail mail address with the request.

For this and more important information about your photography, regardless of whether it is a hobby or a business, join me this Saturday for:

The Photographer's Legal Toolkit Seminar
at the Carter Presidential Center, Atlanta, GA
Saturday, March 18, 2006
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Take my advice; get professional help.