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Oct 13, 2006

When You Hand Clients Contracts, Mum's The Word

A relatively new comic strip,, is hilarious and can be educational, too. Take, for example, this
September 7, 2006 post.

Clients sometimes display discomfort when signing contracts. In response, photographers may try to explain what the contract says so it doesn't seem so intimidating. Don't do it. In fact, don't say anything except to suggest that the client read the contract before signing it. Otherwise, you may invalidate the contract.

If you use false statements to induce someone to sign a contract, the contract can be held void as if it were never signed. Unless you carefully restate what is in the contract and can prove that your statements were accurate, an unhappy client might claim that your summary of the contract was misleading and constituted fraud.

Instead, follow the duck's example and keep your quacks to yourself while the client reads or, at least, signs your contract.

Take my advice; get professional help.

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