Photo Attorney

Apr 16, 2007

"You Don't Have A Valid Claim!"

Many photographers worry about being sued for claims (i.e., property releases, trademarks in photos, etc.) that are not the law and have not been recognized by the courts. This Coke ad shows a real practicing attorney being "punked" about a frivolous claim. Her response is: "You can bring a suit [but] there's no claim!"

There are plenty of concerns for photographers - copyright infringement (have you registered your photos?); liability insurance in case someone gets hurt in your studio; paying sales tax on your photography income; disability insurance; retirement preparation; backing up your digital files . . .

Yes, you can get sued for anything. But if you take time to prepare for and educate yourself about the accepted claims, you will have less worries about the frivolous ones.

Take my advice; get professional help.

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