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Oct 14, 2007

The Digital Photography Show Interviews PhotoAttorney

Scott Sherman of The Digital Photography Show and guest co-host, Landya McCafferty, interviewed PhotoAttorney this past week. Landya quizzed Scott on my August 17, 2006, blog - "10 Common Misconceptions of the Law for Photographers." Scott says of the podcast:
Carolyn is a terrific interview: interesting, articulate and accessible. The topics she discusses are ones you'll want to know about. . . .

It's really fascinating stuff, and I have to say, Carolyn explains everything so clearly that by the end of the quiz I was doing better because I had a (very) basic understanding of how the law looks at these issues.

You may download the show at The Digital Photography Show website.

Thanks to Landya for recommending me for the interview!

Take my advice; get professional help.

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