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Nov 20, 2007

Adobe Improves Photoshop to Address Copyright Management Info

As previously discussed in my May 18, 2006 and July 3, 2007 blogs, it is important to include your copyright management information (name, contact information, and/or copyright notice) with your photos, either by watermarks directly on your photos and/or in the metadata.

Previously, when using the "save for web" function in Photoshop, the metadata would be stripped to make the file smaller and load more quickly. But if the Orphan Works Legislation is successful, you could lose the right to recover damages for infringements when that metadata or other copyright management information is missing.

Thanks to UPDIG and the ASMP, especially members Richard Anderson and Peter Krogh, Adobe has revised Photoshop CS3 (version 10.0.1) to help photographers make a conscious decision as to whether to remove the metadata. Now, the "Save for Web and Devices" feature puts the option to "Include XMP" (a/k/a metadata) in the main Save for Web window where photographers are more likely to find it, instead of buried in a sub-menu. When you choose this option, the metadata, such as your copyright notice and contact info that you have added per instructions in my May 18 blog, stays with the photo file.

It's always best when protecting your work is made easier.

Take my advice; get professional help.

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