Photo Attorney

Jan 9, 2008

Q&A - Registering Published and Unpublished Photos

Q. If I am registering thousands of images with some published and some not published, do each of the images need to be named? How should they be broken out on the application? Should we complete multiple VA forms for each collection or category of work?

A. Most photographers can use the "Short Form VA" to register their photos.

You must submit separate applications to register your published photos and your unpublished photos. Your registrations for published photos must be separated by those photos published in different calendar years - that is, you must submit one registration for your photos published in 2007 and another registration for your photos published in 2006, etc. You also may register your photos in subsets of these required groupings at your discretion.

When registering your published photos, you must record the publication date and nation of publication for each photo. You can list your published photos with this information on the Group Registration of Published Photographs Continuation Sheet that requires some naming system for your photos or include the requested info in the metadata for each photo.

When registering unpublished photos, you only need to name the collection of the photos you are registering - it's much easier!