Photo Attorney

Apr 5, 2008

When Talking About the Law is Fun

One of the best things about my work is meeting and speaking with photographers about legal issues that affect them. The pleasure was recently confirmed by a second appearance at the ISAP conference where trademarks in photos was a dominant topic. Despite the dry subject, we had a great time!

The 2008 CNPA conference is April 10-13 in Charleston, SC. It has been great to speak at the conference for the past two years. This year's speakers are Arthur Morris, Kevin Adams, Darrell Gulin, and Bill Lea. You can learn more about the wonderful organization and see clips of my presentation last year in the "promotional video."

Join me in August with Vivid Wildlife Workshops as we photograph coastal brown bears ("grizzlies"), puffins, and the beauty of Alaska. When taking breaks from these amazing photo ops, we will talk about Photoshop, photo techniques, and photography law. Sign up soon! Only two spots remain.