Photo Attorney

May 12, 2008

Photography With Tripods Is Not A Crime

Scott Kelby of Photoshop Insider, and many other things, has been admonished again. Similar to his experience as reported in my September 11, 2007, blog, Scott was stopped by hotel security for carrying his tripod while in New York. In response, Scott mocked-up a t-shirt and one of his readers, Rob Jones, has made the t-shirt available on Cafe Press (at Cafe's base price, so he's not making any money off the deal).

John Williams had a similar idea. This is a great, fun and non-threatening way to educate others about photography and photographers! Let me know at photoattorney(at) if you create t-shirts, bumberstickers, or other items about taking photos, copyrights, or other isues that support photographers' rights!