Photo Attorney

Jun 8, 2008

All Good Things May Come To An End

When photographers start working with others, the excitement of the new business can make them think that they will never have a disagreement. Unfortunately, even the best relationships can fall apart. Take for example, the lawsuit against the drummer for the award-winning music group, Alabama. If it can happen to those who have had tremendous success, it can happen to you.

The best way to avoid heavy legal fees and controversy is by setting up the terms of the business by contract in the beginning, when things are cordial. A good start is Tad Crawford's book on "Business and Legal Forms for Photographers," available from Amazon by clicking in the "Recommended Reading" box in the right-hand column here. But it's always best to get an attorney to review your specific circumstances and tailor the contract.

Whatever you do in business, it's best to have a bit of pessimism when you are most optimistic.

Take my advice; get professional help.

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