Photo Attorney

Jun 13, 2008

Get Your Free Tin Eye Account!

Tin Eye, the brand new image identification-based search engine, has gratiously provided to Photo Attorney 50 free accounts for its readers!

TinEye does for images what Google does for text. Give TinEye an image and TinEye will show you where it appears on the web! Check this
Popular Photography article for more information on TinEye's services.

Becaue TinEye is still in the private beta stage, it has limited its number of accounts. But if you are one of the first 50 readers to send to photoattorney(at) your name, snail mail address and email address, you'll get an invitation for a free TinEye account!
Sorry! All of the invitations are taken - now sign up directly with TinEye!

Thanks to TinEye for providing an additional way for photographers to protect their work!