Photo Attorney

Jun 24, 2008

Lessons from Liz . . .

Liz Ordonez-Dawes, the multi-million dollar verdict winner, "hope[s] photographers are empowered by [her] news and take action." Liz was kind enough to share some important lessons she learned from her lawsuit:

1. Register all your images with the Library of Congress (US Copyright Office) in a timely and consistent manner. See the
tutorial on the ASMP website.

2. Have your contract reviewed by a copyright lawyer to address the loopholes. (Expressly prohibit use by anyone other than party named on your agreement and expressly exclude co-op ads, marketing & promotions, etc.)

3. Be prepared to respond in a professional manner and hold accountable every party using your property without authorization. This includes:
  • Establishing in advance business policies on how to manage each occurrence.
  • Not waiting for infringement to occur to establish a relationship with a Copyright attorney.
  • Using only an attorney who specializes in copyright law.
  • Accepting this process as a standard business policy, like collecting your State taxes.

Great words of wisdom and experience, Liz!