Photo Attorney

Jul 21, 2008

One More Thing For The New Freelance Photographers

John Harrington has a great blog post offering suggestions to the many staff photographers who are about to have a forced career change to freelancer. One more thing to add to the new freelancer's "to do" list is to register your copyrights!

As a staff photographer, the copyrights to your photos belonged to your employer. Now, you own what you shoot. Because the odds are that your copyrights will be infringed, protect your work by registering all of your photographs.

The US Copyright Office website provides good information on how to register your copyrights. Check my earlier blogs and articles for additional information: eCO - Online Registration of Copyright Claims, Evaluating eCO - Electronic Copyright Registration, How to Register the Copyrights for Your Photographs, and Posting Photos on Website = Published?.

With these great tools, you will surely succeed!