Photo Attorney

Aug 21, 2008

Photography Not Allowed - 11 (But Apology Given)

As reported by and Freelance:U.K., Andrew Carter was arrested in Britain after photographing a police officer driving the wrong way on a one-way street. Although he was released a few hours later, Carter later complained of wrongful arrest.

The response? The officer apologized to Carter at a disciplinary hearing. The Deputy Chief Constable also apologized to Carter in writing:
"I would like to add my apologies. We expect the highest standards and [the officer] fell below what was required. His colleagues feel he let us down and he has learnt a difficult lesson. He realizes his actions were totally unacceptable and he could and should have apologized to you much earlier."

Perhaps the officer now realizes that it's sometimes easier to do the right thing than to ask for forgiveness.

Thanks to Amy Schubert for submitting this topic.