Photo Attorney

Sep 9, 2008

Great Legal and Accounting Resources for Photographers!

Most states have Volunteer Lawyers and/or Accountants for the Arts ("VLA")organizations. As in New York, they serve "low-income artists and nonprofit arts organizations. VLA's many other programs are more widely available to the entire arts community."

Each VLA organization provides a variety of services, such as a lawyer referral service, free legal clinics, mediation and arbitration, wills drafting, and a speaker program in Georgia. St. Louis' VLA's website provides a list of helpful publications and other great links, including other states' VLAs.

Find a VLA near you by searching on the Internet for "Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts" and your state. Some VLAs, such as those in Kansas City and Massachusetts also provide accounting services.

While the areas of law and accounting are not as fun to learn about as flash synch speed and calculating depth of field, they are necessary to the successful photography business. Fortunately, the VLA organizations make it cheaper and easier for photographers to acquire that information.