Photo Attorney

Sep 13, 2008

Proof That Delivery Memos Are A Good Thing

Many photographers use "delivery memos" to accompany their photos when delivered to a client. While the traditional delivery memo is less important today with digital files, the "Terms and Conditions" of your license are vital.

Fortunately, photographer Wolfgang Kaehler used delivery memos when sending his photos to Meredith Corp. The company lost 2,300 of his images. After Kaehler demanded $200,000 for his loss, Meredith filed suit to ask the court to "rule that Meredith was not bound by the terms of two "delivery memos" submitted by photographer Wolfgang Kaehler as part of work he did for a Michigan promotional magazine in 2004 and 2005." The suit was resolved by settlement four days later. More information is available in The Des Moines Register article.

Congrats to Kaehler for protecting his work!

Thanks to Ryan McGinnis for submitting this topic.