Photo Attorney

Nov 14, 2008

Alert: National Geographic Takes RF License of Your Photo

National Geographic is sponsoring a "Visions-of-Paradise" photography contest. What can you win? Well, twenty photographers will receive one Visions of Paradise book with their winning image as the cover - a value of $35.

What does NG get? A free license for each photo entered to use it in any way NG wants. The rules state:

By entering the Contest, all entrants grant to Authorized Parties (National Geographic Society and its licensees) a royalty-free, worldwide, irrevocable perpetual, nonexclusive license to reproduce, distribute, display, and create derivative works of the entries (along with a name credit) in whole or in part, without further review or participation from the entrant, in any medium now existing or subsequently developed, in editorial, commercial, promotional and trade uses in connection with NGS Products. . . . Entrants consent to the Sponsor doing or omitting to do any act that would otherwise infringe the entrant's "moral rights" in their entries.
Emphasis added.

In sum, when you enter this contest, just make sure that your vision of paradise is the same as NG's.

Thanks to Raeford Dwyer for submitting this alert.