Photo Attorney

Jan 28, 2009

Copyright Infringement Is Not Limited To Photographs

Photographers are rightfully concerned about their photos being infringed. But many photographers also are authors of books or blogs and their written work can be stolen, too. Just last night, I found that the website of an attorney who purports to work with photographers had a webpage that was copied from my website, with the same layout and terms! The copied webpage now has been taken down.

Likewise, Syl Arena, a photographer and author of the blog,, found that had copied several renowned photographers' blogs. Read more about it in Syl's blog entry here.

Your writings deserve the same protection as your photographs. Register them with the US Copyright Office using the eCO system or Form TX (the old-fashioned way). Also, check my article on how to prepare a DMCA takedown notice.

Thanks to Jim Poor and Syl Arena for submitting this alert.