Photo Attorney

Jan 9, 2009

Q&A - What Size File Do I Submit for eCO Registration?

Q. What size file should I use when submitting digital copies of my photographs to eCO?

A. The Copyright Office does not require a minimum or maximum size of file; a thumbnail that clearly depicts the photograph, such as 200 pixels in height or width, should be sufficient. Check Bert Krages' Photoshop action or Ellen Anon's Aperture workflow on how to prepare your images for filing.

If you have a large number of files, the Copyright Office recommends that you create one or more ZIP files; if you have a very large file, break it up into two or more smaller files. The system has a 30-minute upload time out that, depending on your connection speed, limits the size/number of files that can be uploaded in one session.

If you mail your deposit to the Copyright Office, package the following items in boxes rather than envelopes for mailing to the Copyright Office:

Electronic media such as audiocassettes, videocassettes, CDs, and DVDs
Slick advertisements, color photocopies, and other print items that are rubber- and vegetable-based

CDs/DVDs packaged in standard full-sized jewel boxes are more likely to survive the mail radiation process than those packaged in slim-line cases.

For more information, check my article on "Registering Your Copyrights Using the eCO System" and the US Copyright Office Website.

Thanks to Lida Verner for submitting this topic.