Photo Attorney

Aug 9, 2009

Photography Not Allowed - 32

Trey Ratcliff reports on his blog how an Atlanta police officer told him that he could not photograph The Coca-Cola museum from the Centennial Olympic Park area. While the "World of Coca-Cola" website says that "The World of Coca-Cola welcomes photo and video cameras for personal use. Certain exhibits or special exhibitions may be excluded" (HT to, The Coca-Cola Company can't dictate your shooting if you're not on its property. It's generally not illegal to take photographs in a park. Nothing on the Centennial Olympic Park's Policies webpage prohibits photography or tripods.

As far as photographing trademarks, it's not a crime to take the photos, but it may violate the trademark owners rights in how the photos are used. Check my January 5, 2006, blog entry for more information. However, the police do not generally protect trademark rights (except for customs). My bet is that the cop was not relaying a message from The Coca-Cola Company, but was using the mandate as an excuse to try to intimidate Trey from shooting.

Thanks to Andie Smith and Alex Suarez for submitting this topic.