Last Minute Gifts for Photographers

Looking for some last minute gifts for your favorite photographer (you or someone else)?  Check these:

– Forms for Photographers

The right contract can make or break your business.  While hiring an attorney to create a customized contract for your specific needs is best, it can be expensive.  But now you can get customizable contracts and release forms in Microsoft Word® created by the Photo Attorney specifically for photographers. Choose from the following forms:

  1.  Adult Model Release
  2.  Copyright Infringement Cease & Desist/Demand Letter
  3.  Copyright Transfer Form
  4.  DMCA Takedown Notice
  5.  Independent Assistant Photographer
  6.  Liability Release & Arbitration Agreement
  7.  Minor Model Release
  8.  Portrait Session Contract
  9.  Property Release
  10. Stock Photography License with Terms and Conditions
  11. Wedding Photography Contract
  12. Settlement Agreement for Copyright Infringement Claims
– Photographer’s Legal Guide – Ebook, Kindle, or Softback versions by Carolyn E. Wright, Esq.PhotographersLegalGuide with border

– Captivating Wildlife Photo Book – softback

with photos by Carolyn E. Wright and others

Captivating Wildlife

Ebooks and forms will be delivered same day (including on December 25th)!

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