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Excuses, Excuses (Part 4)

Here’s another entry for the Excuses, Excuses series, listing common excuses asserted in response to being caught infringing a photographer’s copyrights:: 12. I didn’t post the photo on my website so I’m protected by the DMCA. Many websites allow users to submit photos to be posted or to post them directly. So a website owner often […]


Excuses, Excuses (Part 3)

As a continuation of the Excuses, Excuses series, one excuse deserves its own blog entry: 12. An amazing number of infringers claim that they didn’t know that the photograph was protected by copyright because they copied it from a Google Images search. But Google itself explains that: The images displayed in a Google Image Search may […]


Excuses, Excuses (Part 2)

As a continuation of a prior blog entry, here are more common excuses used in response to being caught infringing on photographer’s copyrights: 6. If it’s on the web, then it’s public domain unless clearly marked otherwise. The urban myth that if it’s on the web, it’s free, it not true. In the United States, […]


Excuses, Excuses (Part 1)

When someone infringes your copyright, the infringer usually offers some excuse to try to avoid liability. Many of these excuses appear compelling on the surface, but they don’t stand up to the law. This is the first of several blog entries that identify some of the more popular excuses and what the law provides to […]



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