Adding Your Copyright Notice in the Camera!

Derrick Story over at the Digital Story blog explains how to set your camera so that your copyright notice is added in the camera. He shares how to do it for Canon, but one commentor notes that you can do it in some Nikon cameras, too!

While the copyright notice is no longer needed to protect your photos, it’s a good idea since it can lead to additional damages pursuant to the DMCA. Note that the official form of the copyright notice is “Copyright 2007 Carolyn E. Wright.” You can use “Copyr.” or “&copy” instead of the full word “copyright” (but not the “(c)”).

Be careful – using the “save for web” function in some photo editing programs such as Photoshop will strip the camera’s metadata from the digital file, removing the copyright notice you added.

Take my advice; get professional help.

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