ALERT! Confusion Over the Proposed New Fees for Copyright Registration

The photography community is confused about the new proposed fees for Copyright Registration. Photographers can’t tell whether group registrations of photographs will be considered a “one work” registration, defined in the Federal Register as:

Registration of a basic claim in an original work of authorship:
Single author, same claimant, one work, not a work made for hire, filed electronically

for $45

or whether group registrations will fall under:

All other claims filed electronically

for $65

If $45, then the new fee will be only $10 more.  If the latter, the new fee will be $30 more — a huge jump!

So I contacted Maria Pallante, the Register of Copyrights, to ask for clarification. She was kind enough to quickly reply, as follows:

“Please comment on both interpretations. Your feedback is very important to the process. Maria”

So please post your comments about the proposed fees on the Copyright Office’s website by May 14. Also, please take the NPPA’s Advocacy Committee’s quick 3-minute survey to give more information about how the proposed changes will affect you.


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