Alert: Proposed NY Bill Could Change Right of Publicity Law For Everyone

The ASMP has issued an alert about a bill that has been introduced in the New York state legislature designed to change the rights of publicity law there. But it could affect all photographers, even if you don’t live in New York.

The bill amends Section 50 of the NY civil rights law to prohibit the use for advertising purposes of the name, portrait, voice, signature or picture of any deceased person who died within seventy years of January 1, 2008, without having first obtained the written permission of such person’s estate. Section 51 also may be amended to provide an equitable action in Supreme Court against any person, firm or corporation that illegally uses a deceased persons name, portrait, picture, etc.

Contact the NY representatives to let them know our concerns about this bill. If you live in New York, contact your state senator and state representative. If you live elsewhere, write to the sponsors of the bill: Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein (email: or fax: 518-455-5752) and Senator Martin Golden (webmail: or fax 518-426-6910).

Photographers must protect their rights or risk losing them.

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