An Easy Way to Find the ISP for DMCA Takedown Notices

Even copyright attorneys get infringed. David Oppenheimer of Performance Impressions, LLC, a client of our firm, recently found 14 of my photos on a different attorney website. He figured correctly that the uses (two examples shown below) weren’t authorized. (Note: not only is the text not mine, it’s not correct for the most part).

As explained in my article, “Help, I’ve Found an Infringement – Now What Do I Do?,” I first made copies of the infringements. I then tried to determine the owner of the website. Without contact information on the infringing site, I used a “whois” search to locate the owner. When I found that the owner is located in Iceland, I decided to send a DMCA Takedown Notice to the ISP. In my article, “Using the DMCA Takedown Notice to Battle Copyright Infringement,” I list the several steps to find the Internet Service Provider (“ISP”). Fortunately, there’s a one-step easier way.  The site,, includes the ISP directly on the whois page. So, for this case, I entered “” into the box in the upper right-hand corner of the home page. Under “Server Properties,” the ISP is listed as “SoftLayer Technologies Inc.”  I then searched the Internet for Softlayer and found its DMCA copyright agent on the “legal” page. I sent my DMCA notice by email and the ISP removed my photos from the infringing site the next day, so that the entries now appear as shown below.

So, thanks to David and Softlayer, these infringements are toast!

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