Another Way to Search for Uses of Your Photos

Technology is wonderful and horrible.  It allows you to do so many things – both the good and the bad.  One bad is the easy unauthorized reproduction, display, distribution, and creation of derivative works of your images.  One good is that you can find those unauthorized uses so that you can fight them.  Check your options here when you find them.

Gabriel Whiting shared with me an easy way to find your images as an alternative or addition to Tin Eye and similar services.  Specifically, go to Google Images and also open a copy of an image.  You just drag the image into the Google Images search box.  For a test, I opened my webpage and dragged my photo of  the rehab/flight training with a Golden Eagle at Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care Center that I posted last week.  Several results came up, revealing that some websites are using my RSS feed to reproduce my entire blog (not cool).

It’s another tool to use to fight copyright infringement of your work.

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