ASMP Requests Call for Action NOW!

The Senate Judiciary Committee has approved a new version of its Orphan Works bill. However, because of important deficiencies, ASMP believes that photographers now should contact their senators to voice their opposition.

Find your senators’ name and contact information and send them a letter to express your concerns. Be sure to include this language:

I urge you to oppose this bill unless and until it is amended to contain at least the minimum provisions that are critical to protect photographers, including but not limited to a notice of use that must be filed before the use is made, upon penalty of losing eligibility to claim orphan work status for failure to file the notice; an archive of the notices, to be maintained by the Copyright Office or an approved third party; and other protections that appear in the current (May 15, 2008) language of H.R. 5889.


A sample letter has been posted on ASMP’s website. We all need to work together to fight this one!

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