Tell Companies to Stop Advertising on Piracy Sites

ASMP and The Copyright Alliance have released the following notice and ask for our help:

Many major brands are advertising on websites that are dedicated to distributing creative works illegally. The Copyright Alliance (of which ASMP is a member organization) has launched an online petition to tell these brands that they should stop advertising on these sites.


The Annenberg Innovation Lab of the University of Southern California is conducting a study called the Advertising Transparency Report, which details the Online Ad Networks support of the major pirate movie and music sites around the world. Two reports have been released (January and February 2013).

The reports have looked at data to determine the top infringing sites, and also point out a number of major brands that are repeat advertisers on pirate sites. Other research and documentation by artists working in tandem with this project confirm the brands that we are sending the letter to as repeat infringers.

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