Copyright Office Amends Regulations on Interim Basis to Offer New Electronic Registration Option for Single Copyright Applications

Native American Girl - Copyright Carolyn E. Wright

The Copyright Office is amending its regulations on an interim basis to establish a new registration option called the “single application.” The Office is doing so to provide an additional option for individual author claimants who use the Office’s electronic registration system to register a single (one) work that is not a work made for hire. Administratively, single applications are simple for the Office to process and may make copyright registration more attractive to individual authors of single works.

This application option will be available starting on June 28, 2013. The cost is $35, the same as a standard electronic application (but we hope that the Copyright Office will lower the fee to encourage copyright owners to use this option).

As noted in the Federal Register about this new option:

Regarding the requirement of one work per registration, while the Office is aware that many individual authors, particularly photographers, create multiple works that they may want to register at one time, registering multiple works creates a more complex application. A single electronic application will provide a more simplified registration option that would benefit the many individual applicants who submit such claims for registration.

During the first 60 days of implementation, the Office is inviting public comment. Comments are due August 28, 2013. Submit your comments online.

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