Copyright Registration Tip


It’s a given that registering your copyrights is a good thing. While the eCO system has made it easier, you sometimes may get stuck in the process.

Which is what happened to me recently. While uploading the deposit copies for a registration, it looked as though I lost my internet connection. Thinking that the files didn’t get submitted, I uploaded them again. When the Copyright Office (“CO”) sent me emails with the “Acknowledgement of Uploaded Deposit,” I realized that I had duplicates.

Uh, oh.

The eCO website states:

Please note: Files cannot be returned or deleted once uploaded. To avoid delays and/or a later effective date of registration, please verify the following before uploading a copy of your work(s):

Since I couldn’t delete the duplicates, I contacted the CO, stating:

When uploading files for a registration, the website appeared to freeze. Therefore, I unintentionally uploaded some files twice. Do I need to fix this or should I close the registration? Thank you!

The CO responded within 3 days:

Duplicate files are not a problem, however after filing, reply with the application case number so we can place a note re this matter.

I closed the registration and gave the CO the application number.

Case closed! Thanks, CO!

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