Copyright Registration with the eCO System

Copyright registration with the eCO system is quick and easy.  But the system is fairly new and the procedures aren’t always clear.  Such was the case with Joe Vogan.  He sent me an email as follows:

Thanks for the great article on registering copyright on your website.  I went through the first attempt over the past couple of days following your directions and had one quick question-

Once you’ve uploaded multiple files over several days, how do I submit the final registration?  Or is it automatic and I’ll eventually get one or more certificates covering each of the separate uploads I’ve done?  I can’t seem to find clarity anywhere for this question.

I’ve also been pleased with the number of files and speed of upload.  I’m starting to wonder just how big a batch I can squeeze in under one registration.

Joe received an email from the Copyright Office confirming each of his uploads.  But there’s no option on the eCO website to tell the Copyright Office when you’re through with the uploads. Since this isn’t an issue that has arisen previously, I suggested that Joe contact the Copyright Office.

Joe called the Copyright Office’s tech group and explained his scenario.  He reports:

The rep (John) basically said that you have ”up to 30 days” usually before they start processing your registration and once they do I wouldn’t be able to upload any more to that particular registration.  So I could continue adding batches until they get to it as he wasn’t aware of any maximum size to a filing.  He did confirm I can’t do anything myself to complete the process, it will just happen naturally once they start reviewing it.  My current completed upload total is ~9,000 compressed images in 17 zipped files.

Thanks, Joe, for tracking down this information and being willing to share it here.  Congrats on taking steps to protect your images!

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