Don’t Get Fooled – New License to Cover for Old Infringements

As a follow up to the news about the copyright infringements by a textbook publisher, Michael Beasley of Picade has some good advice:

If you receive any communications from any existing client seeking to extend or renew licensing for any previously licensed or any newly licensed work, be careful about signing any paperwork without carefully reading all the clauses.  Many agreements may attempt to roll previous infringements into the new license and effectively prevent you from recovering for your claims or to add additional “rights granted” to their (not your) benefit. The infringer then would be allowed to silently increase the licensed usage in the future without either notification or additional fees for the past infringements.

While not as fun as taking the photos or cashing the checks for licensing them, reading and understanding all of the terms of a license is critical to protecting your rights.

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