eCO Uploading Method Improved!

Cub in Flowers-Copyright Carolyn E. Wright

The U.S. Copyright Office started the electronic copyright office (“eCO”) to make it easier and quicker to register your copyrights. Follow the steps presented in this article to learn how to use the system.

One problem with the eCO system is that it has a limited time for which your files can be uploaded. If you have lots of images to upload, then the system may time out before your upload is complete.

But the Copyright Office has improved the system to address this concern. Specifically, you now need to “close” your upload to let the Office know when you’re finished uploading files. Otherwise, you can upload more files to the registration later (within a specified time).

Here’s what you will see after you have uploaded some files:

Files Submitted

You then can choose to upload more files or close the window. If you’re finished uploading all of your photos, then click “Upload Complete.” If you want to upload more files later, then just close the window.

You’ll also receive an email from the Copyright Office with confirmation of the files that you’ve uploaded:

Acknowledgement of Uploaded Deposit


When you log back into the system, you will see a list of your “Open” Cases, such as this:

Upload Not Complete


Click on the Case # that you want to want to upload more files and the screen will look like this:


Upload Status

You’ll see references to the files that you’ve already uploaded. Click on “Upload Deposit” to add more files to the registration.

Note that if you forget to close the registration yourself,  the Office will close it for you 90 days after you started the registration without notice and your registration will not be complete.  So be sure to timely finish what you start!

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