Free Legal Guide for Online Publishers and Media Creators

Tahoe Sunset-Copyright Carolyn E. Wright

In this digital age, photographers posting online need to know how to protect themselves. While the Internet provides lots of information, some of it is better than others.

One great source of information is the Digital Media Law Project (DMLP). Founded in 2007 as the “Citizen Media Law Project,” the DMLP, through its five core initiatives, “works to ensure that individuals and organizations involved in online journalism and digital media have access to the legal resources, education, tools, and representation that they need to thrive.” The DMLP is a project of Harvard University’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society, a research center founded to explore cyberspace, share in its study, and help pioneer its development. 

The DMLP has prepared a free Legal Guide that “addresses the practical issues that you may encounter as you gather information, create new and exciting content, and publish your work online. It is intended for use by citizen media creators with or without formal legal training, as well as others with an interest in these issues.” 

You can search the Guide by subject or by state. It covers a variety of topics, including:

Educating yourself on the law and risks of posting online is another important way to protect yourself and your work. Getting the information from a reliable source is the smartest way to do it!

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