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Before it’s possible to pursue and enforce infringements of your photographs, you first need to know about them! Image Witness is an innovative new solution designed to show photographers where their content is showing up online.

As Image Witness explains:

It’s currently possible to track individual images online but until now, no one has provided a solution to manage a photographers entire image collection. Image Witness provides a unique reporting platform that shows you where your content is online and provides automated processes to filter and tag results for you each month. Once you know where your content is online, you are then in a position to do something about it.

You may try Image Witness’ service for free at

ALSO – Image Witness is giving away 3-month trials of its “small” plan (which covers up to 1500 images each month) to three (3) of the Photo Attorney’s blog readers!  So the first three readers to send an email to get the prize.  GOOD LUCK!  

Update:  while the three prizes have been claimed, Image Witness now is offering a free 25% increase in images monitored per plan to any others that enter.  Thanks, Image Witness!

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