Important News for Photographers


  • Editorial Photographers UK Ltd. reports via its “The Copyright Action” website has a lengthy analysis on the Digital Economy Bill.  Unless amended, the bill will allow for use of “orphan works” but the terms and related requirements are not defined.  EPUK provides a way to contact your UK representative to protest the bill. [EPUK also reports on that same page about a new code that may affect photographers’ rights to photograph others in public.]  UPDATE – EPUK reports that “the Intellectual Property Office has invited photographers’ representative organisations to a meeting this Friday in order to hear photographers’ concerns about the Digital Economy Bill. “
  • David Johnson of the Digital Media Lawyer Blog reports on the recent ruling in California that is allowing the family members of a young woman who died in a car accident to continue with their lawsuit against the California Highway Patrol for invasion of the family’s privacy (not the decedent’s) for posting gruesome photos of the accident on the Internet.  The Court’s Opinion is available here.
  • Photo contests with good terms and conditions! and Adorama
  • Nifty Magazine‘s Model Release Form on page 8 allows the model to grant expansive rights of the submitted photos!
  • 2010 Philadelphia Museum of Art Photography Portfolio Competition:  The rules allow the PMA “the perpetual right to display accepted works and to reproduce accepted works for educational and promotional purposes in both printed and electronic form.”
  • You always should review the rules for any contests before submitting your images.  Here are some more to check out specifically and closely:; Look of Love Photo Contest; and Intel
  • NOTE:  Future posts about rights grabs will be distributed via my Twitter account.

Thanks to Bryan Broyles, Michael Beasley, Matt Ward, Pete Nicholls,  Ryan Britton, Michael Burke, Jeffrey Furner, Gregory Drezdzon, Ed Selby, Joseph Holmes, David SangerPete Springer, and Jean Miele for submitting these topics.

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