Last Day to Comment and Other Thoughts on NYC Photo Permit

Today is the last day to submit comments on the proposed photo permit in NYC. You can sign the petition or email Julianne Cho, Associate Commissioner of the Mayor’s Office of Film, Theatre & Broadcasting, at gov.

The proposed permit has sparked interesting debate on various web photo forums. Some believe that the permit is a small price to pay to protect us from terrorism. Some have commented that all photographers (even hobbyists?) should have a million dollars in insurance.

Others have shared their stories of being harassed for innocently photographing buildings, bridges, and the like. In addition to the Popular Photography story, the Washington Post recently reported on another incident of a photographer being hassled. You can read more on the photographer’s experience.

The NYC proposed petition is poorly written and targets photographers unnecessarily. It does not accomplish the goal of providing security and it definitely won’t stop terrorism. The fact that someone has a camera in their hands should not be a reason to make them get a permit. If the behavior of a group standing in one place for a specific time is a concern to NYC, then it shouldn’t matter that they are taking pictures.

Thanks to Ed Selby for submitting the Washington Post article.

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