Legal Resources for Photographers

My book, “Photographer’s Legal Guide,” is in the final edit stage and will be available soon. Like this blog, it will provide important information to help photographers protect themselves and their work. Stay tuned for information on its availability.

Another couple of great legal resources that photographers should have in their libraries are: (1) “Legal Handbook for Photographers – The Rights and Liabilities of Making Images” by Bert Krages and (2) “Business and Legal Forms for Photographers” by Tad Crawford. While some of the same issues are discussed in each of our books, they concentrate on different areas.

Krages’ book explains the legal principles that affect photographer’s rights to make images. It provides guidance on how to handle confrontations, obtain remedies if wronged, and develop an ethic that reflects your individual approach to photography.

Crawford’s book provides form contracts for photographers and includes a CD of the forms so that you can easily revise them to fit your individual needs. It also explains the purpose of each proposed contract clause.

It is important that photographers do what they can to protect their rights. Fortunately, information is available to help achieve that goal.

Take my advice; get professional help.

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