News Around the World Affects Photographers

PC World reports that Facebook reportedly is going back to its old Terms of Use, which, as reported in my January 11, 2009, blog, is going from worse to bad.

The European Court of Human Rights found that a photographer breached a child’s privacy by taking a photograph of it while in the hospital. In the U.S., a photographer must be concerned about HIPAA when taking a photograph in a hospital (see my Sept., 15, 2007 blog entry for more info.

The Technology & Marketing Law Blog reports that the court dismissed a lawsuit filed by a couple after Google’s camera car drove up their private driveway and posted the pictures taken there on Google’s Street View. The court held that the plaintiffs did not allege facts supporting that the intrusion was substantial and highly offensive.

Thanks to Becky Olstad, Howard Wassinger, John Williams, Jason Watson, and Lida Verner for submitting these topics.

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