PA Blog Reader Adds to “How to Provide a Photo License to a Friend”

As a follow up to the blog entry on “How to Provide a Photo License to a Friend,” Photo Attorney blog reader, Joseph O. Holmes, submitted a great additional response:

I enjoyed your blog entry on tactfully requiring friends and family to abide by photo licenses. This comes up for me all the time — tricky subject.

In law school, one professor told us how to minimize requests for free legal advice: always answer with a smile, “Oh, of course, I’m happy to give you my special family rate for my services.”

That usually ends the issue right there.

Now that I’ve become a professional photographer, what I get are requests for photo licenses from non-profits who plead they have no budget. I adopt a similar answer: for my own accounting purposes, I do have to charge something, but I can offer you my nonprofit rate.

If it’s really a sympathetic nonprofit, I’ll quote a rate that’s quite low, but never free. It turns out to be a good way to weed out those who aren’t really serious.

Great responses!

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