Photographer Arrested While Photographing Graffiti Artists

Jonas Lara is an artist and photographer working on a long-term project to document artists both in their lives and in the process of their artwork.  He reports on his Facebook page that:

On February 4th 2010, I was photographing 2 graffiti artists painting a mural in Los Angeles. I was arrested and initially charged with Felony Vandalism. My cameras, my tools with which I earn a living were taken as evidence. My charges were later lowered to a Misdemeanor and the changed to “Aiding and Abetting” which carries the same sentence as the crime of Vandalism/Graffiti. I have gone through the several stages of this case and my next step is the Jury Trial. If I lose my case I can face up to a Year in Jail and have my license suspended.

His jury trial is May 11. More information is available on PDN.  Jonas is requesting donations for his legal fund.  You may donate here or send a Paypal payment to

Via Rob Haggart and Alexandra.

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