Protect Your Photos with “Mass Watermark” and FREE GIVEAWAY!

It’s almost a must now for photographers to post their images online.  With the advantages of a broader and more accessible market, the Internet also has the disadvantage that it’s much easier for others to steal your work.  But there are things you can do to protect your photos.

One option is to put a visible watermark with your copyright notice, logo, or name on each of your images. Using a watermark may stop someone from stealing your photographs, either because it serves as a reminder that the work is protected or because it interferes with the infringing use of the work.  When you post a copyright notice along with your registered images, then the infringer cannot claim that the infringement was innocent and the court is more likely to find that the infringement was willful, supporting the maximum in infringement damages.

You may watermark your images by using an image editor such as Microsoft paint, but it will be tiresome and time-consuming to watermark images one at a time.

Photo Watermark Software program,  “Mass Watermark,” can do the job easily by watermarking hundreds of images in minutes. You also can choose to reduce the size of a large resolution image, set a common size for your images, optimize them, add exif data, and directly upload them to Picasa/Flickr during the watermarking process as shown below.

Mass Watermark Process

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