Q&A – Follow Up to Post on Registering Your Library of Photographs

Q.  I have been registering my older unpublished images in groups of years. According to the application on eCO, it asks you for the year of completion, even for unpublished shots. Can I register multiple years in one registration of unpublished shots? I have already registered all of my published shots . . . boy, was that a pain in the neck. Thanks, Tony Gillilan P.S. Is there a way to search form my images on the copyright.gov site? I already found registrations, but no links to photos. A. First, congrats on getting your published photos registered. Now comes the easy part! Yes, you can register your unpublished shots that were taken over a period of several years in one registration. The year of completion would be the year that you last took a photo in that group. For example, if you register photos taken in 2003, 2005, and 2006, then 2006 would be the year of completion. While you may find most registrations online, you can’t view your deposit copies of the registrations there. Instead, you have to request copies of them from the Copyright Office. Circular 6 gives the details. Note that “The Copyright Office does not retain all works deposited for copyright registration.” Therefore, keep good records of what you send for registration!

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