Q&A – May I Register Published Photos Using eCO?

Q. May I register and submit by uploading digital copies of my published photos?

A. A collection of works/photos may be registered using eCO with a single application if either of the following requirements is met:

— The collection is made up of unpublished works by the same author/photographer and owned by the same copyright claimant; or

— The collection is made up of multiple published works contained in the same unit of publication and owned by the same claimant.

The following classes of works may be registered in eCO with electronic deposit copies:

-Unpublished works;
-Works published only electronically;
-Published works for which the deposit requirement is ID material (see the Special Deposit Requirements section of Circular 1 for more on ID material – the only special deposit requirement for photographers is many works of the visual arts such as greeting cards, toys, fabrics, and oversized materials (request Circular 40a, Deposit Requirements for Registration of Claims to Copyright in Visual Arts Material, which is currently unavailable online);
-Published works for which there are special agreements requiring the hard copy deposits to be sent separately to the Library of Congress.

If you are unsure of the deposit requirement for your work, write or call the Copyright Office and describe the work you wish to register.

If you register works that require hard copy deposits to satisfy Library of Congress deposit regulations, then you may submit an application and payment in eCO and then create and print a shipping slip to be attached to the hard copy(ies) of your work for delivery to the Copyright Office via mail/courier.

For additional info, check my tutorial on how to register photographs using eCO or contact the Copyright Office.

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