Registering Your Website

Many photographers design websites to share their images. If the design of your website meets a standard of originality, it is subject to copyright protection just as your photographs are. The bonus is that when you register your website, you also can register your photos and text on your website on one form and with one fee to protect all of your work!

Registering your website covers the copyrightable content of the website as identified in your registration. You should specifically exclude any material that has been previously registered or published, or is in the public domain. For new published works, limit your registration to the content of your work that is published on the date given on the application.

To register, use the form that corresponds to the type of authorship being registered, for example:

Form TX-literary material, including computer programs and databases

Form VA-pictorial and graphic works, including cartographic material

Form PA-audiovisual material, including any sounds, music, or lyrics

If the work contains more than one type of authorship, use the form that corresponds to the predominant material. For registering computer programs with text and photos, Form TX is likely the best form. There, Section 5 TX asks for:

Type of Authorship in This Work
_ Text (includes fiction, nonfiction, poetry, computer programs, etc.)
_ Illustrations
_ Photographs
_ Compilation of terms or data

You may check one, more, or all boxes on the same form. More information is available here: US Copyright Office Circular #66.

You’ll need to register again your website after posting new pics/text or making changes to the website that constitute original work. Use a new application and pay a separate filing fee for each subsequent registration.

Protecting your work as a photographer often goes beyond the pictures you take. Do what is necessary to protect all of it.

Take my advice; get professional help.

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