Request for Participation in Survey on Alternative Court System for Small Copyright Claims

As previously noted, the Copyright Office is issuing a second request for public comment pertaining to a study undertaken by the Copyright Office at the request of Congress on the topic of adjudicating small copyright claims. The study will assess whether and, if so, how the current legal system hinders or prevents copyright owners from pursuing claims that have a relatively small economic value. The study will also discuss and make recommendations on potential changes in administrative, regulatory, and statutory authority. The Office is seeking additional comments on how a copyright small claims system might be structured and function, as well as replies to earlier comments.

The Graphic Artists Guild has prepared a survey of copyright holders who have experienced infringement of their works. The survey asks how copyright owners would like such an alternate court system to work and asks for your participation. The survey will close at midnight on October 9, 2012. This is a great way to voice your concerns.

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