Start the Year Right!

Happy New Year!  Start the year right!

Register your copyrights:  How to Register Your Copyrights Using the eCO System

Learn about your rights:  Read the “Photographer’s Legal Guide” and this blog

Unsolicited review“I will definitely tell every photographer I know about your website and blog and recommend that they consider buying these forms from you, and also both of your books.  All of these things are really great and you are providing a huge service to photographers everywhere by making these available, and at such incredibly great prices!”  Stan Brewer of Stan Brewer Photography

Get your contracts and forms in order: Customizable forms created by the Photo Attorney® specifically for photographers

Unsolicited review:  “Thanks so much for making these available! I especially appreciate that they’re short and to the point — I hate forms that are excessively long and I find that people are very leery about signing them, too.  Yours are clear and yet cover what needs to be covered. And the price is negligible — I would have expected to pay much more.” Scott Hargis of Scott Hargis Photography

Defend your copyrights: Using the Copyright Infringement Cease & Desist/Demand Letter form

Unsolicited review:  “Just a note to tell you that I’ve used your forms for copyright enforcement. The “Demand” letter has been very useful and has helped collect revenue.”  Leif Skoogfors

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