Steps to Prepare Your Images for Copyright Registration Using Photoshop®

Readers of this blog know that registering the copyrights to your photos is vital!  But with thousands of images to register and with the larger digital files created by modern cameras, you need an easier way to get your images ready for the deposit copy of your registration, either for uploading them via the eCO system or copying to hard media, such as DVDs, for submission via paper form (Form VA).

Fortunately, Photoshop® provides an easy way to prepare your images.  While there are different ways to do it, here are the steps to how I do it:

a.  Open Photoshop®

b.  Select File / Scripts / Image Processor

c.  Follow the steps of the Image Processor  window:

1.       Select the folder where your images are located (include sub-folders, if needed)

2.       Create/select a folder to put the downsized images (such as “Copyright Reg – Sea Lions PCH”)

3.       Select “Save as JPEG” at a Quality of around 7 and “Resize to Fit” at a size of about 500 pixels

4.       Include Copyright Info such as “Copyright 2011 Carolyn E. Wright” for your Preferences

d.  Select “Run”

After the Image Processor runs, you then can compress the images into a zip file to make the file size for the upload of the images smaller and easier.  To do this with a PC that uses a Windows operating system, open the folder with the images for the registration (here, “Sea Lions-PCH”).  Select all images (“control a”), right click your mouse, select “Send to,” then select “Compressed (Zipped) folder.” All of your images will be placed in a compressed folder in the folder, as shown below:

When you get to the step to upload the deposit copy of your images using the eCO system, you can select the zipped file for easier uploading. Get more information on registering your photos in my article.

While registering your copyrights is not the fun part of photography, it’s the necessary part to fully protect your work!

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