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Burrowing Owl - Copyright Carolyn E. Wright

Dear Photographer,

Your photos are really nice.  You must have a good camera.  I hope to be able to get a new camera with a big lens soon so that I can take pictures like you do. 

So I am going to use some of your photos on my website. I see that you have a copyright notice posted next to your photos, but I’m not going to make money off of them. I just want to make my webpages look better. Aren’t you glad that I’m helping your photos get more exposure? 


Thank you for making your photos available for downloading in different sizes so easily and for not putting those pesky watermarks on them. Those marks just mar our full enjoyment of your pictures. It’s also helpful that I can email copies of your photos to my friends so that they can use them, too. And thank you for not including your name or contact information in the metadata of your photos because I don’t want others to know where I got them. You don’t need to explain that I’m not supposed to use your photos without permission, either, because I know about copyright. 


And if you want money for my use of your photos, thanks anyway.  I’ll find some others to use.

Your Biggest Fan,
Ima N. Fringer

Editor’s Note: Check this article and remove all confusion around the use of your photos.  And Flickr users, check this important information at

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